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The project

With SQL language is possible create and manage the informations of a data base. As it exists a great variety of resources, is important practise to consolidate the learning. Here is the ideal place for this practical, because the answers are corrected automatically and the student know immediately if the presented solution is correct or not.


Be an instrument of support for professors and students who study SQL in the application of the concepts, techniques and methodologies studied in classroom.


Ethical and moral relations, Respect, Innovation, Creativity, cooperative Work, Credibility, Professionalism, Honesty, Loyalty.


  • Be an environment for practical learning of commands SQL.
  • Create a canal for exchange of experiences.
  • Share a great amount of exercises SQL.
  • Allow to the professors the creation of new exercises.
  • Make the automatized correction of the exercises.
  • Register all the answers sent by the students.
  • Make virtual evaluations with automatic correction.


The SQLweb.com.br was created from the experience of the professor Andr Luiz Souza with his pupils. In the end of 2003, Andr created a data base of SQL exercises. In 2004 was implemented an algorithm make the automatic correction of the exercises. At the beginning of 2005, was created the online evaluation.


Country Function Collaborator Contact
Brasil Project engineering / Translation pt-BR André Luiz Souzahttp://andre.sqlweb.com.br
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